Compelling benefits of IBM PureSystems.

Benefits of IBM PureSystems

Since the launch of IBM PureSystems, I have been wondering about the greatest benefit of IBM PureSystems.

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PriceLenz demonstrated on IBM PureSystems at IBM Impact.

IBM PureSystems PriceLenz IBM Impact

PriceLenz takes to the stage at IBM Impact 2012 Global Conference.

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Cloud-enabled IT applications to unleash business potential.

Cloud-enabled IT applications to unleash business potential

The business environment has become more challenging in the last couple of decades.

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IBM PureSystems: PriceLenz ready for IBM PureSystems.

PriceLenz ready for IBM PureSystems

We’re delighted to make IBM’s list of business partners certified on IBM PureSystems. The era of complexity in enterprise IT is over.

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IBM case study on PriceLenz.

IBM case study on PriceLenz

Challenge: To offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective, maintenance-free, reliable, scalable and secure means of finding the ‘right’ price to offer every time.

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A giant leap from information technology to business value?

Information technology business value

The business and IT landscapes are shifting rapidly. The boundaries between them are becoming blurred, almost to the point of overlapping.

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PriceLenz is approved for the IBM solutions directory.

IBM Global Solutions Directory

It’s official. IBM has approved our price optimization solution for their global solutions directory. It’s great to have PriceLenz validated on IBM technology.

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Price optimization software – PriceLenz is announced.

Price optimization software

OneTree Solutions announces PriceLenz™, a SaaS price optimization and revenue maximization solution.

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Salesforce price books.

Salesforce price books

A Salesforce price book contains a list of products that a business sells. But how can businesses incorporate their pricing tactics with price books?

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PriceLenz for Salesforce available on the AppExchange.

Pricing Salesforce AppExchange

With our integrated price optimization tool on Salesforce CRM, businesses can discover the optimal price to offer during every sales opportunity to boost revenue.

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