Cloud-enabled IT applications to unleash business potential.

Cloud-enabled IT applications to unleash business potential

The business environment has become more challenging in the last couple of decades.

Corporate IT has become more complex at a similar if not faster rate, and more than ever IT departments are challenged to speed the deployment of new IT processes and overcome the inefficiencies that are found in today’s fixed, monolithic IT solutions.

Unimaginable complexity, combined with a lack of resources (time, money, skills) has created a situation in corporate IT where $2.5 Trillion – 70% of the global IT budget – is spent just making sure the status quo works. As a result, 1 in 5 projects never see the light of day and there is a backlog in IT of more than 18 months.

It’s time to reduce the complexity and redirect this time and money to projects that will help businesses innovate and succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.

With the introduction of IBM PureSystems we will be able to join IBM in changing the IT landscape, and offer higher value solutions that can free our clients from the complexities of today’s enterprise IT.

IBM PureSystems is a new category of smarter computing, which combines the flexibility of a general-purpose system, the elasticity of the cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. Unlike standard offerings in the industry, IBM PureSystems offer built-in ‘patterns’ of expertise, deep integration and simplified life cycle management. We are confident that IBM PureSystems will significantly simplify IT infrastructure by tackling the biggest, enduring IT pain points that the industry has faced for years, freeing up time and money for the IT projects that actually matter.

IBM PureSystems combines hardware, software and expertise into one solution, allowing us to help our clients eliminate the complexity of enterprise IT, reduce cost and ensure quality. Beyond traditional IT deployment methods, the IBM PureSystems Centre provides instant access to a rich set of enterprise applications, which can be quickly and effortlessly deployed on-premise. This reduces the total cost of ownership of any compliant enterprise application, right from the very beginning.

The IBM PureSystems Centre allows businesses to pursue a best of breed strategy for their organization – one that provides them with a level of flexibility and choice. Powerful capabilities like revenue maximization and price optimization, among others, can finally be freed from large, monolithic deployments and now clients can enjoy the business benefits in a cost-effective and simplified manner.

The cloud can now be leveraged not only as a technological enabler for faster application deployment, but also as a fertile ground for blending cloud-enabled business applications from a wide business solution ecosystem to create business value. Enterprise applications bearing the ‘Ready for PureSystems’ certification, delivered through the PureSystems Centre, can enable businesses to enhance their performance and become more competitive.

The possibilities are endless and the potential has just been unleashed.

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Denis has been active as an entrepreneur in the software industry since 2001. Having created and managed both business consulting and software product companies for more than 10 years, he acquired experience in the whole business life cycle from early design to the commercialization of software products and services.

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