Compelling benefits of IBM PureSystems.

Benefits of IBM PureSystems

Since the launch of IBM PureSystems, I have been wondering about the greatest benefit of IBM PureSystems.

I posted a poll on LinkedIn asking that very same question. ‘What is the most compelling benefit of IBM PureSystems?‘ The majority of respondents (over 70%) were in favor of the ‘simplified deployment and maintenance’ benefit.

Thinking more about it, apart from the ability to quickly deploy an application and maintain it cost-effectively, to me, even more important is the capability of encapsulating the best that experts can bring.

Business experts can instill their knowledge in the functionality and features of an application, while technical experts can install and fine-tune the application in the best possible way. The combination of business and technical benefits may yield maximum value. But more importantly, that top-tier value can be captured within “patterns” to be leveraged by all customers, irrespective of their own capabilities and expertise.

I am not a marketing guy, but I think that IBM PureSystems has the potential to move from “patterns of expertise” to “patterns of excellence”.

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Panos has been active as an entrepreneur in the software industry since 2000. He established and has been managing a software company for over a decade, implementing enterprise projects in several industry sectors such as banking, insurance, public, and gaming.

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