Turbocharge your sales and profits.

Enjoy more revenue with no risk.

What if you knew how different prices and discounts affect sales revenues and a prospect’s willingness to buy a particular product? What if you could avoid selling too high or too low and could unfold your true revenue potential? What if you knew the optimal discount to offer, which is scientifically proven to boost your revenue?

Become a sales champion

With PriceLenz you will gain valuable insight into where there is potential for more revenue. You’ll discover the right prices to offer, and make sales without sacrificing revenue. And you will know that mis-selling or mis-buying risks have been eliminated.

You will be empowered to make informed, intelligent decisions for every sales opportunity. For every sales line item, you will be provided with:

  • instant insight into revenue opportunities
  • the optimal sales price and discount
  • the probability of making the sale at any price
  • quantitative indicators to support decision making
  • assurance that unsuitable products are flagged.

Successful sales, with just the touch of a button

Whether you’re in the office, or on-site with the customer, you’ll be equipped to maximize revenue opportunities.

  • Mobile quoting intelligence, onsite and offsite.
  • Quote and sell quickly and with more confidence, based on hard facts.
  • Eliminate mis-selling and mis-buying risks.
  • Easy to use and fully supported.

Revenue and profit boosting just got easier and more affordable

PriceLenz offers an easy-to-use and risk-free way to boost financial results. PriceLenz:

  • will help you achieve more profitable deals, whilst protecting customer relationships
  • is user-friendly and intuitive, so it can be used immediately with minimal or no training at all
  • constantly gets smarter, the more it’s used and delivers value from day one.

Tap into the power of PriceLenz

The best way to get started is to contact us for a free consultation. Get in touch and become a sales champion before you know it.

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We can help you to…

Market precisely

What if your marketing team could precisely select customers and products for laser-sharp marketing?
We want to market precisely.

Optimize e-commerce

What if your e-commerce operations could benefit from instant, automatic adaptation of pricing for optimal alignment with customer behavior?
We want to optimize e-commerce.

Make informed strategic decisions

What if you could define pragmatic strategic objectives and targets based on factual insights into revenue and profit opportunities?
We want to make better strategic decisions.

Sell efficiently

What if your sales team could make better one-to-one targeted sales, based on facts, not only on instinct?
We want to sell efficiently.

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