Expert pricing with PriceLenz and IBM PureSystems.

PriceLenz on IBM PureSystems

  • Discover the right price to offer to maximize revenue
  • Avoid unnecessary discounts and increase the top line
  • Integrate with a new era of technology
  • Consolidate to help reduce operating costs
  • PriceLenz is ready for IBM PureSystems
Ready for PureSystems

Revenue maximization made easy

Harnessing hardware, software and business expertise in an integrated solution:

  • Simplified experience at the touch of a button
  • For any price point, determine the respective probability of closing the deal
  • Actionable analytics and optimization on pricing
  • Quick time-to-value

Revolutionize your organization with the top line benefits PriceLenz brings, and the built-in expertise of IBM PureSystems.

Using systems with integrated expertise can help organizations achieve greater agility, enabling them to flexibly adapt to workload spikes and deliver new business capabilities; increased efficiency by consolidating IT resources and raising productivity; improved simplicity for ease of management, deployment and integration; and enhanced control to help reduce risk and ensure reliability.

PriceLenz has been certified by IBM as Ready for PureApplication and Ready for PureFlex, as it has been packaged to leverage the advantages offered by both IBM cloud solutions.

Download PriceLenz for IBM PureApplication

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Download PriceLenz for IBM PureFlex

Please contact us for more details about PriceLenz on the IBM PureFlex System.

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