IBM PureSystems helps us achieve global reach.


We needed a way to efficiently and effectively deploy PriceLenz to numerous customers around the world.

With IBM PureApplication technology in the IBM PureSystems environment, we can provide fast deployment, high-quality deliverables, easy maintenance and lower costs.

PureSystems is IBM’s latest and most advanced private cloud technology. PureSystems technology aims to change the way businesses of every size operate and manage their technology, helping them focus more on growth and innovation and less on IT services.

With PureSystems we can consistently provide a high level of quality wherever we deploy our solution, and pass all the benefits on to our customers.

Please download the following PDF to learn how we slashed deployment from three weeks to eight minutes, and how IBM PureSystems helps us achieve global reach.

Because IBM offers all this technology in one solution, PureSystems provides benefits that are more than the sum of the parts. In our understanding, PureSystems is the most advanced integrated cloud solution in the market.

Panos Konstantinidis, co-founder, PriceLenz

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PriceLenz was developed to redefine the price optimization domain. By making price optimization tools available and affordable to every business, large or small, PriceLenz is an invaluable tool that businesses won’t stop using once they’ve tried it.

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