IBM PureSystems: PriceLenz ready for IBM PureSystems.

PriceLenz ready for IBM PureSystems

We’re delighted to make IBM’s list of business partners certified on IBM PureSystems. The era of complexity in enterprise IT is over.

Thanks to IBM, today marks the beginning of a new era in IT, a new class of systems, and we’re delighted to make IBM’s list of business partners certified on IBM PureSystems. With this certificate we are excited to change the enterprise IT experience as we know it and welcome our clients to the next era of computing.

Businesses around the world are undertaking transformational journeys to become smarter. They have already taken steps towards a smarter IT infrastructure by self-tuning general-purpose systems for flexibility, using appliances for simplicity and leveraging cloud for elasticity.

IBM PureSystems is a new family of expert integrated systems offered by IBM that combines hardware, software and expertise into one solution, allowing us to help our clients eliminate the complexities of enterprise IT, reduce cost and encourage innovation.

After completing extensive training and testing, we’re proud to be certified ready for IBM PureSystems and confident that PriceLenz on IBM PureApplications will provide our clients with the level of satisfaction they expect and the level of simplicity they desire. Together with IBM, we can bring a new level of computing efficiency and effectiveness to our clients.

Congratulations to OneTree Solutions for being among the early adopters of IBM PureSystems,” said Michael Riegel, vice president of global ISVs, IBM. “This will enable them to offer an industry leading revenue maximization solution to clients in a way that cannot be matched by competitors.”

As an IBM PureSystems certified business partner, we are not only able to offer an integrated, expert solution designed to simply address our clients’ complex challenges, we will also give our clients the opportunity to increase ROI by reducing implementation time and costs, and by increasing business value.

The time has come for a new class of systems, one that combines the flexibility of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance with integrated expertise. As of today, businesses are ready for a new approach to IT, and with PriceLenz, a price optimization and revenue maximization solution to embrace a new age of information technology.

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