Boost revenue, optimize spending and drive profits.

Take better strategic and tactical decisions.

What if you could support your strategic decisions with factual evidence? What if you knew where to invest and where to divest? What if you could increase revenues and profitability, and boost marketing, sales and operating efficiency? What if you could instill trust in the goals and targets you define?

Build dependable strategies

PriceLenz is a business solution, which supports both strategic and tactical decision-making, so that businesses can identify and realize revenue opportunities and boost top line results.

With PriceLenz you’ll be able to define pragmatic, reliable strategic objectives and targets based on factual insights and revenue opportunities.

By locating and quantifying products with revenue leakage, as well as products with revenue potential, businesses can draft their strategic plan, define objectives and targets, and concentrate their efforts on directions and actions that make sense.

Focus on what matters most

With the help of PriceLenz, businesses can focus on what matters most and make more informed strategic decisions about where the business should be heading. PriceLenz can help you find solutions to the following challenges.

  • In which direction should we invest and where should we divest?
  • How can we define realistic targets and objectives for our annual plan?
  • How can we instill trust in the goals and targets that we define?
  • How can we increase revenues and profitability with minimal effort?
  • How can we boost marketing, sales and operating efficiency?
  • How can we intelligently reduce costs?

The benefits speak for themselves

Whether it’s making more informed strategic decisions or becoming more precise with marketing and sales, PriceLenz can help you to:

  • define pragmatic, reliable strategic objectives and targets based on factual insights and revenue opportunities
  • detect investment/divestment opportunities related to promising/slow moving products and customers
  • locate improvement areas of customer value management and align product offers with the perceived value of customers
  • empower salespeople with facts to efficiently achieve more profitable deals, whilst protecting customer relationships and increasing productivity
  • immediately identify and optimally adapt to changing market conditions long before the competition can react.

Take better strategic and tactical decisions

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Sell efficiently

What if your sales team could make better one-to-one targeted sales, based on facts, not only on instinct?
We want to sell efficiently.

Market precisely

What if your marketing team could precisely select customers and products for laser-sharp marketing?
We want to market precisely.

Optimize e-commerce

What if your e-commerce operations could benefit from instant, automatic adaptation of pricing for optimal alignment with customer behavior?
We want to optimize e-commerce.

Make informed strategic decisions

What if you could define pragmatic strategic objectives and targets based on factual insights into revenue and profit opportunities?
We want to make better strategic decisions.

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