Ecommerce -Outsmart the competition.

Make it personal with true customer insight.

What if your e-commerce operations could automatically adapt prices in line with customer behavior? What if they could react long before the competition? And what if your e-commerce operations could avoid selling above or way below the price the customer is willing to pay?

Seamlessly integrated pricing excellence

PriceLenz delivers contextual pricing based on scientifically processed customer and product sales data. State-of-the-art, though invisible, algorithms are embedded in the PriceLenz optimization engine, and can automatically calculate optimal, revenue-maximizing price points thousands of times every second.

For your e-commerce systems, PriceLenz delivers:

  • dynamic pricing based on scientifically processed data
  • safe pricing with predefined rules and guardrails
  • relevant pricing for each and every customer.

Seize your revenue potential

PriceLenz automatically and dynamically readjusts optimal prices to meet changing market conditions, reflected on the latest sales figures.

  • Immediately align your pricing with shifting or emerging purchasing trends and customer behavior.
  • Achieve more profitable sales without sacrificing revenue with unnecessary discounts.
  • Take the guesswork out of pricing and effectively save your profits.
  • Run your e-commerce system with more confidence, based on hard facts.
  • Easy to use and fully supported.

Pricing can finally be an opportunity for an e-commerce businesses of any size.

Mathematical algorithms do all the hard work for you and analyze past sales to determine where the optimum, revenue-maximizing price point is for each product or service.

  • PriceLenz will help you achieve more profitable sales, whilst protecting customer relationships.
  • You don’t have to be a data scientist to use PriceLenz as it’s so easy to use.
  • PriceLenz constantly gets smarter, the more it’s used to deliver your prices.

Make it personal with true customer insight

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Sell efficiently

What if your sales team could make better one-to-one targeted sales, based on facts, not only on instinct?
We want to sell efficiently.

Make informed strategic decisions

What if you could define pragmatic strategic objectives and targets based on factual insights into revenue and profit opportunities?
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Market precisely

What if your marketing team could precisely select customers and products for laser-sharp marketing?
We want to market precisely.

Optimize e-commerce

What if your e-commerce operations could benefit from instant, automatic adaptation of pricing for optimal alignment with customer behavior?
We want to optimize e-commerce.

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