Precise marketing and efficient sales.

Precise marketing and efficient sales

With PriceLenz, marketing teams can figure out which specific customers to target with scientifically selected products, and sales teams can identify the optimal sales price to maximize their revenue.

Price optimization and revenue maximization can help companies boost profits and increase top line by eliminating revenue leakage and leveraging revenue potential. In this video, Panos Konstantinidis, Co-founder at PriceLenz, explains how marketing professionals can precisely select customers and products for laser-sharp marketing. And he describes how sales people can sell more efficiently with one-to-one targeted sales, based on facts, not only on instinct.

Price optimization and revenue maximization, and in turn, precise marketing and efficient sales, can finally be an opportunity for businesses of any size.

Do you have a tool to optimize your sales and marketing strategy? How does your business detect revenue leakage and leverage revenue potential? Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know.

About the author
Panos has been active as an entrepreneur in the software industry since 2000. He established and has been managing a software company for over a decade, implementing enterprise projects in several industry sectors such as banking, insurance, public, and gaming.

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  1. B L Francis says:

    how much information on each customer does your analytics require to map to the best target customer???

  2. Generally PriceLenz does not require a lot of data to work with. It depends on the nature of the business application. Customer data (e.g. demographics) are not mandatory. If such data is available, then it’s a plus for our accuracy. Can you please provide more information about your case? You can reach us directly using Thanks.

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