PriceLenz demonstrated on IBM PureSystems at IBM Impact.

IBM PureSystems PriceLenz IBM Impact

PriceLenz takes to the stage at IBM Impact 2012 Global Conference.

We were delighted to see PriceLenz being demonstrated on the main stage at IBM Impact in Las Vegas. It’s clear that IBM PureSystems has been a hot topic since its launch in April 2012 and IBM has firmly established itself as the leader in delivering systems that are changing the game.

In short, IBM PureApplication System brings together the server, storage, network and application software in one integrated system, greatly simplifying enterprise IT. After opening the box it takes less that 4 hours to configure an IBM PureSystems machine, and once that’s done, the IBM PureSystems Centre gives businesses access to a wealth of applications, which can quickly and easily be deployed onto the system.

Here’s IBM’s Chief Architect for WebSphere Cloud Computing, Jason McGee, demonstrating the IBM PureSystems deployment of PriceLenz at IBM Impact 2012. See how easy it is to locate PriceLenz on the PureSystem Centre, download the PriceLenz pattern onto PureSystems and deploy it in less than 8 minutes. After that, it’s over to you to start optimizing your prices to generate more revenue!

IBM has set the stage for the next era of computing, and we are thrilled to play a leading role.

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