PriceLenz is approved for the IBM solutions directory.

IBM Global Solutions Directory

It’s official. IBM has approved our price optimization solution for their global solutions directory. It’s great to have PriceLenz validated on IBM technology.

Here are the highlights:


To offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective, maintenance-free, reliable, scalable and secure means of finding the ‘right’ price to offer every time. Businesses realize the importance of price in their marketing and sales efforts, however, it’s common for salespeople to rely on their instinct to find the right price to offer, which can leave money on the table, or lose the deal.


With PriceLenz on IBM expert integrated systems, businesses can now move from the experience-based price setting to a more sophisticated level of science-based decision making with respect to price definition, both centrally and in the field. Businesses can adjust their sales actions and gain additional revenue using a variety of strategies, from price fine-tuning during the last mile of sales, through to price catalogue optimization.

Core benefits

PriceLenz empowers salespeople to understand the impact of variable price points on the likelihood of a successful deal and how close each price point is to achieving the maximum revenue possible. PriceLenz is intuitive and easy to use, and accessible through a web browser and mobile devices.

By combining the power of analytics and optimization, systems with integrated expertise, the accessibility of mobile, the flexibility of the cloud and its low cost, PriceLenz is an invaluable pricing and revenue maximization tool already validated on IBM technology.

To view PriceLenz in the IBM solutions directory, please visit the IBM Business Partner Application Showcase.

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