PriceLenz validated on IBM industry frameworks.

Price optimization on IBM industry framework

At PriceLenz we’re committed to delivering industry-specific price optimization solutions that our customers can count on.

In order to reaffirm our commitment, we turned to our trusted partner, IBM, to validate our price optimization software on its industry frameworks.

Actually, we didn’t stop at just one industry validation; we initiated the validation process for several industry frameworks. Following business talks with IBM industry specialists with global experience and passing multifaceted evaluation checkpoints (both business and technical), we provided all the necessary proof points that demonstrate how PriceLenz helps organizations move towards smarter business.

At the end of this interesting journey, PriceLenz successfully completed:

It is a great achievement to have PriceLenz validated on these IBM Industry Frameworks. It is a quality mark received from one of the most recognized and reliable names in business, and we’re looking forward to proving the appropriateness of PriceLenz for more industries.

PriceLenz is about combining pricing, value and hard facts from numbers, with intuition and experience from people; all that, in a seamless way, in order to help organizations from any industry boost their revenue.

And if you’re specifically interested in price optimization for the banking sector, take a look at our banking white paper about leveraging willingness to pay in banking.

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