Salesforce price books.

Salesforce price books

A Salesforce price book contains a list of products that a business sells. But how can businesses incorporate their pricing tactics with price books?

We are all familiar with the notion of customer segmentation and the great impact it can have on the success of a business. And we’ve seen that with the use of price books, businesses can easily apply all their different pricing tactics, no matter how complicated it was to develop them.

Some businesses are using only one price book, but you’ll others are using lots of price books in different ways, such as for different channels, regions or markets. By creating specific price books in Salesforce CRM, businesses can easily define a base price for their customer segments.

We’ve developed PriceLenz so it can work with each price book independently. It analyzes past sales associated with each price book to establish where the optimum, maximum revenue price point is per product, for every price book.

Take a look at this screencast to see how PriceLenz works with Salesforce price books.

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