Price optimization software – PriceLenz is announced.

Price optimization software

OneTree Solutions announces PriceLenz™, a SaaS price optimization and revenue maximization solution.

Businesses can now identify the optimal price to offer during every sales opportunity to boost their revenue.

Luxembourg, 4 April 2012 – OneTree Solutions announced today the availability of PriceLenz, a cloud-based price optimization and revenue maximization solution that provides businesses with actionable insight they need to make smarter pricing decisions to maximize revenue.

From pricing analytics to execution, businesses can gain additional revenue using a variety of strategies. Pricing managers can use PriceLenz to optimize their price lists and put their analyzed, optimized prices into practice. And sales professionals can use PriceLenz to fine-tune their pricing and offers during sales negotiations.

PriceLenz price optimization software provides:

  • immediate insight into revenue opportunities
  • the optimal sales price and discount for any product or service
  • the probability of making a sale for any offer price
  • quantitative indicators to support decision making.

“Price optimization is not a new concept. However, most current offerings are large, expensive monolithic solutions, which require substantial investment to acquire and effort and time to customize, operate and maintain. As such, they are affordable by large companies only. In contrast, PriceLenz is lightweight, intuitive, extremely easy to use and cost-effective,” said Panos Konstantinidis, Co-founder & Business Strategy Director of OneTree Solutions.

PriceLenz is accessible through a web browser or mobile device and will be offered over IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, a multi-tenant, secure and scalable enterprise cloud. On-premise deployment is also an option.

In addition, PriceLenz for Salesforce CRM has also been developed to extend the capabilities of’s Sales Cloud, whereby salespeople are shown the optimal price to offer and the probability of the buyer accepting the price, for every item in their sales opportunities.

“Not only does PriceLenz help sales teams easily find the right price to offer and avoid unnecessary discounts, it helps them to understand how variable price points impact the likelihood of closing a deal and how close each price point is to achieving the maximum revenue possible,” said Denis Avrilionis, Co-founder & Managing Director of OneTree Solutions.

PriceLenz combines the power of analytics and optimization, the mobile accessibility and the flexibility of the cloud, all in the same solution. It is a pragmatic and cost-effective means for revenue maximization.

Learn more about PriceLenz
For businesses interested in empowering their sales teams to maximize revenue, please visit the dedicated PriceLenz website at

About OneTree Solutions
OneTree Solutions S.A. created PriceLenz to help businesses perform optimally and achieve sustainable growth. Formed in 2009 with a vision to deliver high added-value business software, OneTree anticipates the expectations of business domains, harnesses the latest cloud technologies and provides solutions with a high ROI and quick time-to-value. OneTree Solutions is a certified IBM Advanced Business Partner and has offices in Luxembourg, and the US.

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PriceLenz was developed to redefine the price optimization domain. By making price optimization tools available and affordable to every business, large or small, PriceLenz is an invaluable tool that businesses won’t stop using once they’ve tried it.

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